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Winner of over 250 awards

35 Grand Championships

4 time Iowa BBQ Team of the Year

3 time Iowa BBQ Reserve Champion

National Brisket Champion
(6500 teams)

American Royal World Series
of Barbecue Open Brisket Champion – 2012

American Royal World Series
of Barbecue Invitational Ribs Champion – 2013

Four time invite to King
of the Smoker Invitational
(Top 25 teams in the country annually get an invite)

Winner King of the Smoker 2014

Our Grillosophy

At Cornbred, we have a love affair with all things barbecue. It floats our boat. It butters our bread. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and keeps us up late at night. Our commitment is to share our love of barbecue with our customers every day.


Cooking and serving delicious food is my favorite thing in the world. While my formal educational background is in music, education, and urban planning, I have been cooking since I could reach the stovetop. When I am not preparing food or stoking the fire, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and golfing. I’m proudly born and bred in Iowa. I love its gracious and humble people and everything else it has to offer. The name Cornbred, our product, and philosophy, is a tribute to this beautiful place I call home. I hope you enjoy experiencing Cornbred as much as I enjoy crafting it for you.

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Reasons we’re more than mere fans…

It’s communal.

It brings people of diverse backgrounds together for a common shared experience.

It takes time.

It takes immense patience, discipline, and skill applied over an entire day to cook a brisket. In today’s fast-paced world we treasure the opportunity to do something that requires you take your time with it.

It takes devotion.

The more of your mind body and soul you put into it the better it will be. There is a direct relationship between the quality of barbecue and one’s devotion to it.

It’s a challenge.

Just as we are imperfect as humans, our barbecue is imperfect. We are driven to do our best—to get better and improve - every single time we light the fire.

It’s fun.

Gathering family, friends and strangers around a fire, telling stories with the aromas of smoke and delicious meat cooking surrounds you — there’s nothing else like it.

Its rich tradition and history.

It is America’s culinary legacy forged on the backs and hearts of humble, hard-working individuals all tirelessly devoted to the betterment of the craft.

It’s transformative.

BBQ takes a less desirable piece of meat and through the application of masterful artistry, attention, patience and love, transforms it into something that transcends your normal eating experience.

Its variety.

It can be sauced, nekkid, sweet, spicy, savory, anything in between, or all of the above. It can be "Kansas City Style", "Texas Style" or a style all its own. Like life, there is no right or wrong to it. We celebrate that.

It’s creative.

We love barbecue because you can get creative with it. We relish the opportunity to "color outside the lines" a bit–paving our own path–while still honoring the cuisine’s rich history and traditions.

It brings the flavor.

BBQ is on the fast track to flavor-town. It is moist and tender, with just the right amount of smoke to awaken our primal nature, but not overpower the meat.

It’s an experience.

We love barbecue because it is more than just food, it is an experience.

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